[How Obama sabotaged Middle East peace talks]

Dear AP Editor,

Sometimes AP releases an “analysis” of the “peace process” but it never amounts to more than an exposé of AP’s anti-Israel biases.

Want to see a real analysis? Read: How Obama sabotaged Middle East peace talks: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/postpartisan/2010/10/_for_15_years_and.html?tr=y&auid=7213879 . Sharp, to the point and truthful. You would never hire this writer.


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Vatican meeting demands Israel end occupation

Dear Editor,

Isn’t it a pleasure when AP doesn’t have to write up an attack on Israel, Israeli Jews or Zionism? Sometimes AP only has to “report” the filth of others. And, we must admit, AP always does that devotedly.

No slander or baseless accusation are omitted. No information to expose the bigotry or disprove the lies will ever be included.

Someone hates Zionist Jews, AP will help them, no questions asked. AP as the world’s anti-Zionists’ poodle.

“Vatican meeting demands Israel end occupation” is so typical AP.

  1. No mention that the 1967 war was the Six Day War, aimed at finishing off the Jewish State.
  2. No mention that Israel only recaptured the West Bank from Jordan that occupied it for land-grab.
  3. No mention that the UN resolution that calls upon Israel to leave captured Arab land, on purpose does NOT say: ALL Arab land.
  4. No mention that Israel is committed to have a just life for all Peoples around but not at the expense of its safety.
  5. No mention that the measures that so hinder the Palestinians, hinder the Israelis more & are because of ongoing Arab violence.
  6. No mention that the RC clergy has a millennia long antipathy against Jews and that it still shows.
  7. No mention that the Church has changed course but that not all Cardinals follow the change yet.
  8. No mention that Israel is the only country in the Mideast where the number of Christians grows.
  9. No mention that Israel is the only country in the Mideast that knows full democracy and broad protection of minorities.
  10. No mention that the only population that guarantees free excess to Jerusalem’s holy sites in 2000 years has been the Jews.
  11. No mention that the Church has extensive territorial and administrative claims in the Holy Land and so is not impartial at all.
  12. No mention that no claim to Palestinian Statehood was ever made when the West Bank was occupied by Jordan.
  13. No mention that Palestinians still not have renounced violence or forgone the great-Palestine idea.
  14. No mention that Palestinian leadership sabotages the peace process with precondition after precondition.
  15. No mention that Statehood at the West Bank is seen by most only as a phase to capture all of Palestine.
  16. No mention that most Palestinians don’t want Jews in their State while they call the idea of no Arabs in Israel racist.
  17. No mention that violent Islam has killed thousands of Jews, chased away even more Christians from Palestinian occupied land.
  18. No mention that the resolution doesn’t ask forgiveness for all the bloodshed (killing Jews & Muslims) committed by the Church.

None, not one of the above truths, is even hinted at by AP.

CNN lies; AP hates.

AP, for all your dirty stories about Israel.


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Political pawns: Iran loses chess record to Israel

Dear Editor,

In “Political pawns: Iran loses chess record to Israel” you make an attempt at humor, ha-ha.

Written from the AP office in Jerusalem (Tel Aviv was too far for a visit?), we spot a twisted mindset that’s revealed even in this innocent report, that should’ve been only about sports.

Israel’s archenemy is Iran. 1. We like to see it as “Iran is the archenemy of Israel . 2. It’s not Iran that’s hostile but rather the junta there. 3. This junta is a threat to any regime in Eurasia.

This title is not “drawn into Mideast politics” except by AP. We learned that whenever AP uses the passive voice, it’s hiding something, or Arab violence or AP engineering.

Not funny.


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UN envoy: AP findings on settlements ‘alarming’

Dear Editor,

In “UN envoy: AP findings on settlements ‘alarming'”:

  • We read AP’s daily installment harping about Israeli settlements, and how in endangers the peace process while the only endangerment is from PA’s & AP’s preconditions
  • AP quotes a UN envoy claiming that settlements are “illegal under international law” and AP doesn’t ask which law exactly because this mantra is without basis too
  • When he declares that this “will only further undermine trust” AP “forgets” to ask where this trust was in the first 9 months that Israel had frozen West Bank building for Jews
  • “Palestinians charge that construction in the settlements is aimed at preventing the establishment of a Palestinian state, and the issue has brought recently renewed U.S.-brokered peace talks to a standstill.” AP fails to mention the Israeli take on this and depersonalize the Palestinian walkout to “has brought peace talks to a standstill”
  • AP quotes the long-term friend of the Junta in Gaza who again condemns Israel and AP doesn’t remind him or us of his apologies to Jewish communities less than a year ago, that some deemed unlikely to be sincere, some declared to be taken seriously & some greeted with a ‘time will tell’ – and boy, did time tell
  • AP whines “Jewish settlers have moved in to [sic!] houses after Palestinians were evicted” concealing that these houses were from Jews squatted by Arabs (When in Europe, Gentiles try to get away with property stolen from Jews and the courts interfere, AP cheers, but when Palestinians do the same, AP is suddenly Marxist and all ownership goes to the state who needs to hand it out to the majority and the poor)
  • When Malcolm Hoenlein said “Jerusalem belongs to the entire Jewish people, and all Jews in the world should have a right to participate in the decision making [sic!] on the future of Jerusalem,” AP forgets to ask if all Chinese in the world need to get to vote in China’s national elections, and all African-Americans should have a say in the most important issues of African national policies.

In other words: AP continues its one-sided flood of propaganda against Israel, not based on any facts or consideration except on hatred against Israel and proud Israeli Jews.


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Slain US activist’s parents face Israeli killer

Dear Editor,

Your “Slain US activist’s parents face Israeli killer” is one of the most brazen AP anti-Israel pieces written ever. It’s only days ago that we wrote to you [in Slain US activist’s parents seek justice in Israel] the truth, though we know that’s a four letter word at AP, but you now accuse, in a long article, Israel of covering up a murder or manslaughter without any regards for the facts.

The headline is rehearsing the modern anti-Jewish blood-libel as if the claims of these bereaved parents are true and the Israeli courts are just killers’ handlers.

In the Israel of old, false witnesses that sought someone’s capital punishment on false grounds and were discovered, were put to death themselves. Those were the days!

We don’t blame these poor, deeply hurt, bias parents, but we do blame you who claim to be objective witnesses. The bottom-line of the true anti-Semites is that they not just seek to smear our name, not just seek our downfall, but rather that they want us dead.

You should keep this report on you homepage as a symbol of your hateful blood-thirst.

While all we want is


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Israel marks 15 years since Rabin assassination

Dear Editor,

Your “Israel marks 15 years since Rabin assassination” without a trace of shame, you use to dish up some of your most classical and time-tested lies.

“The [peace] process broke down in violence in 2000, and many Israelis now believe it was a mistake.”

Rather. the Palestinian leader Arafat opted for violence & all Israeli concessions (leaving Lebanon, Gaza, most of the West Bank) were rewarded with further violence from the Palestinians & other terrorist groups, so that most Israelis are cured from their euphoria.

“Today’s peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians have stalled over Netanyahu’s refusal to extend a building slowdown in Jewish settlements in the West Bank – a territory that Palestinians seek for their future state.”

Rather, the problem lies with the Palestinian leaders erecting preconditions and constantly demanding new concessions without delivering anything themselves. Building is inside existing Jewish settlements does not hinder a future Palestinian state at all.

“Netanyahu vilified his planned concessions in a vitriolic rally in downtown Jerusalem.”

Rather, he spoke strongly, which doesn’t justify that AP vilifies him with vitriolic language.

As usual at AP, all the Israelis quoted are critical of the Right, shamelessly propagandizing.


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Blast in Gaza Hamas compound injures children

Dear Editor,

Your “Blast in Gaza Hamas compound injures children” is perfect until about half-way when complete nonsense is introduced, as if different people worked on the report (though only one is credited).

“the Palestinians with rival governments in the two territories they claim for a future state.” – AP conceals that Hamas rather claims as a state the whole of former Palestine and is completely against any peace talks.

“Palestinians said Jewish settlers set fire to a girls school” – If it’s true, this is bad but it’s not (attempted) murder as by Palestinian opposition recently, so let’s not lose sight of the context, so often concealed by AP.

“Two weeks ago, arsonists torched a West Bank mosque” – AP conceals that a delegation of major West Bank rabbis went there and declared their disagreement with the assault.

“Salam Fayyad, has launched an ambitious economic development plan to prepare the way for independence.” – Concealed that Israel has been fostering an economic boom at the West Bank Arab centers.

And then the report closes off with proper reporting, the Israeli side being heard too.

It’s clear that someone has tried to insert nonsense into a perfect report.

AP even ruins the work of its most excellent reporters.


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