Vatican meeting demands Israel end occupation

Dear Editor,

Isn’t it a pleasure when AP doesn’t have to write up an attack on Israel, Israeli Jews or Zionism? Sometimes AP only has to “report” the filth of others. And, we must admit, AP always does that devotedly.

No slander or baseless accusation are omitted. No information to expose the bigotry or disprove the lies will ever be included.

Someone hates Zionist Jews, AP will help them, no questions asked. AP as the world’s anti-Zionists’ poodle.

“Vatican meeting demands Israel end occupation” is so typical AP.

  1. No mention that the 1967 war was the Six Day War, aimed at finishing off the Jewish State.
  2. No mention that Israel only recaptured the West Bank from Jordan that occupied it for land-grab.
  3. No mention that the UN resolution that calls upon Israel to leave captured Arab land, on purpose does NOT say: ALL Arab land.
  4. No mention that Israel is committed to have a just life for all Peoples around but not at the expense of its safety.
  5. No mention that the measures that so hinder the Palestinians, hinder the Israelis more & are because of ongoing Arab violence.
  6. No mention that the RC clergy has a millennia long antipathy against Jews and that it still shows.
  7. No mention that the Church has changed course but that not all Cardinals follow the change yet.
  8. No mention that Israel is the only country in the Mideast where the number of Christians grows.
  9. No mention that Israel is the only country in the Mideast that knows full democracy and broad protection of minorities.
  10. No mention that the only population that guarantees free excess to Jerusalem’s holy sites in 2000 years has been the Jews.
  11. No mention that the Church has extensive territorial and administrative claims in the Holy Land and so is not impartial at all.
  12. No mention that no claim to Palestinian Statehood was ever made when the West Bank was occupied by Jordan.
  13. No mention that Palestinians still not have renounced violence or forgone the great-Palestine idea.
  14. No mention that Palestinian leadership sabotages the peace process with precondition after precondition.
  15. No mention that Statehood at the West Bank is seen by most only as a phase to capture all of Palestine.
  16. No mention that most Palestinians don’t want Jews in their State while they call the idea of no Arabs in Israel racist.
  17. No mention that violent Islam has killed thousands of Jews, chased away even more Christians from Palestinian occupied land.
  18. No mention that the resolution doesn’t ask forgiveness for all the bloodshed (killing Jews & Muslims) committed by the Church.

None, not one of the above truths, is even hinted at by AP.

CNN lies; AP hates.

AP, for all your dirty stories about Israel.


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