Mideast sides eye US midterms and impact on talks

Dear Editor,

Amy Teibel tries to pull our leg again, in “Mideast sides eye US midterms and impact on talks.”

Want examples?

Look first at the opening paragraph – the part manipulators work the hardest on.

“[N]ext month’s U.S. midterm race could affect Obama’s ability to coax concessions from Israel.” – As if Israel is obstructing the peace process – only in AP’s warped mind.

“[T]he US has failed to persuade Israel to extend the settlement-building slowdown.” – But it were Palestinian leaders who set new preconditions & bolted the talks. Truth doesn’t matter.

“That caused Palestinians to in effect suspend the U.S.-brokered peace talks.” – That is not suspending – they were not in charge of the negotiations – just one partner to the talks, so they can’t decide unilaterally to stop the talks. Rather, they sabotaged the talks and left.

So next, AP talks about “Israel’s rejection” because that’s what it wants us to believe.

“[T]here is a foreboding sense in Israel that punishment is on the way” – One of the most ridiculous clauses we ever saw. This must convey that Israel is guilty? Who else?

So far, we saw time and again that AP quotes “specialist” to voice its own bias. But now we see another way of using a source that we didn’t notice before. Nahum Barnea IS a leading, well-respected journalist. AP is quoting him to make itself look respectable. Revolting.

He coined the “Lynch test,” a consistency test of journalists covering the Israeli-Arab conflict. Journalists who fail to criticize Arab terrorism fail the lynch test – i.e.: all of AP.

The quote’s not in Friday’s paper, or any English paper. Maybe Amy took it from a Hebrew text & provided her own translation. Anything is possible with AP, except reliability.

The quote, of course, trashes Netanyahu. His side doesn’t get a say about it. Surprised?

AP now voices its concern that the US “president might be too busy or weakened to pressure Jerusalem much” because that is what needs to happen. This is the harping trick.

Now an anonymous “Netanyahu adviser” is “quoted” implying that Israel needs friends in Congress to stop any policy that is less favorable to it. Israel seeks unfairness.

AP depicts the US as “bastions of support for Israel” leaving unexplained why Israel is non-stop forced to provide concessions and criticized, and why Johnathan Pollard is still jailed.

Obama’s courageous Cairo speech gets noted, but left out is that the Palestinian leaders went even more brazen when Israel was egged on, what taught Obama that only pressure on Abbas will bring peace talks. That won’t be in any AP report ever. The Truth – AP hates it.


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