Israel tells Palestinians talks only option

Dear Editor,

Amy Teibel, who has given us so generously report after report on all supposed ills in developments in Israeli society, has finally been promoted to use her skills at distorting Israel’s existential and security needs, and she does an equally great job in “Israel tells Palestinians talks only option.”

She knows that it is of the greatest essence to manipulate the readers’ brains right at the start of the “report” and she doesn’t let us down.

In the very first paragraph she “summarizes” Israel’s position as against a Palestinian state “without Israeli agreement,” as if we are control freaks that need to tell them what to do. Of course she will not address Israel’s security needs and the ongoing incitement and attempts at Palestinian violence. Brilliant.

Second paragraph same quality. “Talks have stalled, following Israel’s decision to resume full-fledged settlement building in the West Bank.” From Amy we shall not hear that the Palestinian leadership bolted the talks by raising fresh preconditions.

Third paragraph starts no less convoluted. “As the stalemate drags on….” hides that there are people (Palestinians, who else?) who refuse, not a god-given, hopeless “stalemate.”

Now she’s really on a roll. “territories the Jewish state captured in the 1967 Mideast war.” No mention that that was the Six Day War, meant to drive all Israelis into the sea. Israel was – again – on the defense. The territory “captured” was rather recaptured on the Arab armies that stole it during Israel’s War of Independence – again a war Israel didn’t seek but fought for its inhabitants’ survival.

By now 99.99% of all readers have switched to other news items, so it’s safe to introduce the Israeli point of view. She makes sure, though, that she doesn’t quote anything of substance, no real arguments.

Now it’s time to quote one of the greatest liars in the region, and he gets to say it all. Amy would never expose his rhetorical tricks – why would that be her job?

Because the irrelevance of these later paragraphs, we will now stop reviewing this piece, & jump, like a lot of readers, to the last paragraphs to see if the hold anything worthwhile.

Yes, she doesn’t disappoint! She sums up the “core issues” & they are…. only Palestinian.

Amy, let no one stop you anymore to continue to write about the peace process. You are nothing less than all the other liars and manipulators at AP. Let no one tell you otherwise!


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