Israel critical over Mideast synod conclusions

Dear Editor,

Well done! The first truly excellent AP Mideast report in months lived only hours.

Meant to cover up its scandalous predecessor, Vatican meeting demands Israel end occupation, that you circulated for one & a half day, excellent Pope: Mideast peace is possible, urgently needed itself has now been replaced by a lengthy article that dumps everything supportive that the Pope had said on Israel & critical of Muslims towards the end of the new report, only after hours of being in the headlines and clear sight.

“Israel critical over Mideast synod conclusions” constructs tensions between the Vatican and Israel instead, harping on the same old AP mantra that everyone is against Israel and that only brazenness keeps this tiny state alive. It’s amazing that this piece is written by the same people who wrote the excellent previous report. AP is irredeemable, if you ask us.


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