UN envoy: AP findings on settlements ‘alarming’

Dear Editor,

In “UN envoy: AP findings on settlements ‘alarming'”:

  • We read AP’s daily installment harping about Israeli settlements, and how in endangers the peace process while the only endangerment is from PA’s & AP’s preconditions
  • AP quotes a UN envoy claiming that settlements are “illegal under international law” and AP doesn’t ask which law exactly because this mantra is without basis too
  • When he declares that this “will only further undermine trust” AP “forgets” to ask where this trust was in the first 9 months that Israel had frozen West Bank building for Jews
  • “Palestinians charge that construction in the settlements is aimed at preventing the establishment of a Palestinian state, and the issue has brought recently renewed U.S.-brokered peace talks to a standstill.” AP fails to mention the Israeli take on this and depersonalize the Palestinian walkout to “has brought peace talks to a standstill”
  • AP quotes the long-term friend of the Junta in Gaza who again condemns Israel and AP doesn’t remind him or us of his apologies to Jewish communities less than a year ago, that some deemed unlikely to be sincere, some declared to be taken seriously & some greeted with a ‘time will tell’ – and boy, did time tell
  • AP whines “Jewish settlers have moved in to [sic!] houses after Palestinians were evicted” concealing that these houses were from Jews squatted by Arabs (When in Europe, Gentiles try to get away with property stolen from Jews and the courts interfere, AP cheers, but when Palestinians do the same, AP is suddenly Marxist and all ownership goes to the state who needs to hand it out to the majority and the poor)
  • When Malcolm Hoenlein said “Jerusalem belongs to the entire Jewish people, and all Jews in the world should have a right to participate in the decision making [sic!] on the future of Jerusalem,” AP forgets to ask if all Chinese in the world need to get to vote in China’s national elections, and all African-Americans should have a say in the most important issues of African national policies.

In other words: AP continues its one-sided flood of propaganda against Israel, not based on any facts or consideration except on hatred against Israel and proud Israeli Jews.


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