Slain US activist’s parents face Israeli killer

Dear Editor,

Your “Slain US activist’s parents face Israeli killer” is one of the most brazen AP anti-Israel pieces written ever. It’s only days ago that we wrote to you [in Slain US activist’s parents seek justice in Israel] the truth, though we know that’s a four letter word at AP, but you now accuse, in a long article, Israel of covering up a murder or manslaughter without any regards for the facts.

The headline is rehearsing the modern anti-Jewish blood-libel as if the claims of these bereaved parents are true and the Israeli courts are just killers’ handlers.

In the Israel of old, false witnesses that sought someone’s capital punishment on false grounds and were discovered, were put to death themselves. Those were the days!

We don’t blame these poor, deeply hurt, bias parents, but we do blame you who claim to be objective witnesses. The bottom-line of the true anti-Semites is that they not just seek to smear our name, not just seek our downfall, but rather that they want us dead.

You should keep this report on you homepage as a symbol of your hateful blood-thirst.

While all we want is


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