Israel marks 15 years since Rabin assassination

Dear Editor,

Your “Israel marks 15 years since Rabin assassination” without a trace of shame, you use to dish up some of your most classical and time-tested lies.

“The [peace] process broke down in violence in 2000, and many Israelis now believe it was a mistake.”

Rather. the Palestinian leader Arafat opted for violence & all Israeli concessions (leaving Lebanon, Gaza, most of the West Bank) were rewarded with further violence from the Palestinians & other terrorist groups, so that most Israelis are cured from their euphoria.

“Today’s peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians have stalled over Netanyahu’s refusal to extend a building slowdown in Jewish settlements in the West Bank – a territory that Palestinians seek for their future state.”

Rather, the problem lies with the Palestinian leaders erecting preconditions and constantly demanding new concessions without delivering anything themselves. Building is inside existing Jewish settlements does not hinder a future Palestinian state at all.

“Netanyahu vilified his planned concessions in a vitriolic rally in downtown Jerusalem.”

Rather, he spoke strongly, which doesn’t justify that AP vilifies him with vitriolic language.

As usual at AP, all the Israelis quoted are critical of the Right, shamelessly propagandizing.


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