Sculpture of comatose leader stirs Israeli emotion

Dear Editor,

“Sculpture of comatose leader stirs Israeli emotion” is a truly fine report except in two ways:

1. Again it gives the mike to a left-wing critic of Israel without anyone putting in a different perspective, in this report or anytime else. In the Israeli political landscape this is a fine opinion, but brought to the world in its isolation, it only (again) slanders Israel.

2. You call Sharon “the tough army general turned politician,” which is completely in keeping with AP policy to call Sharon and Netanyahu tough, right-wing and hard-line. But why not the truth, for a change? OK, in Sharon’s case it’s a challenge, but if you’re smart enough to hide the truth, you must be definitely sufficiently brainy to share and explain it.

Here’s a way: Starting out a brave and sharp army general, he first turned a right-wing hardworking minster who eventually led Israel during the trying years of the second Palestinian uprising. Most surprisingly he then took a left turn and supported Israel leaving Lebanon and Gaza, arguing that the international community would support Israel when attacked from there. (Subsequent wars there show this to have been vain hope.)


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