Israeli military restricts troop tweets

Dear Editor,

Short & mean, that’s how we can characterize your “Israeli military restricts troop tweets.”

Mean in the sense that it doesn’t only distort; it does it so well that only experts will notice.

The author(s) deserves a recommendation, acknowledgment or at least to be mentioned.

  • LEFT OUT: That the military hesitated a long time coming with this directive because Israeli soldiers (mostly conscripts) are well-connected to their electronic devices and democratic rights.
  • LEFT OUT: That both on paper and in the field, the Israeli army has the highest ethical standards of any army or police force in the world. This is rooted in its democratic nature (ultra left- and right-wing conscripts at every level) and cultural/religious Jewish background, that for millenia goes into great detail of not to inflict unnecessary harm.
  • WICKED TWIST: Before you let the general explain the measure (“to prevent sensitive information…”) you first “explain” it yourself (“to prevent security leaks and embarrassing videos from going viral”). Thank you for clarifying your bias.
  • WICKED TWIST: You call Israel’s mortal adversaries “enemies” (your quotation marks) as if they are virtual. Israel’s army exists only for facing its “enemies.” So says the AP “press organization.”
  • WICKED TWIST: Twice in such a small report, you characterize the Israeli army as embarrassing. Then you lump three incidents together that have very little to do with each other:

1. “mistreating detained Palestinians” is only in relation to the very high norms of the Israeli army. No fiber was touched of any detainee in this “mistreatment.” They were shortly portrayed and made fun of / used in a situation in which they were already blindfolded. There were two such incidents, involving two prisoners in total. This should be the worst fear of any captive of any army in the world, but it isn’t – by far. No one was ever afraid of being captured by Israeli soldiers.

2. “dancing on patrol” was a great prank, not embarrassing, and the soldiers who did this (great timing!) were not even reprimanded. Try this in an other army.

3. “the military had to cancel an operation” is an understatement for a stupidity that prevented the arrest of wanted, dangerous terrorists (“suspected operatives,” in AP jargon).

Our review pointing out bias is much longer than the report itself. Telling! A masterpiece!

[For those who want to know what this is really all about: .]


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