Blast in Gaza Hamas compound injures children

Dear Editor,

Your “Blast in Gaza Hamas compound injures children” is perfect until about half-way when complete nonsense is introduced, as if different people worked on the report (though only one is credited).

“the Palestinians with rival governments in the two territories they claim for a future state.” – AP conceals that Hamas rather claims as a state the whole of former Palestine and is completely against any peace talks.

“Palestinians said Jewish settlers set fire to a girls school” – If it’s true, this is bad but it’s not (attempted) murder as by Palestinian opposition recently, so let’s not lose sight of the context, so often concealed by AP.

“Two weeks ago, arsonists torched a West Bank mosque” – AP conceals that a delegation of major West Bank rabbis went there and declared their disagreement with the assault.

“Salam Fayyad, has launched an ambitious economic development plan to prepare the way for independence.” – Concealed that Israel has been fostering an economic boom at the West Bank Arab centers.

And then the report closes off with proper reporting, the Israeli side being heard too.

It’s clear that someone has tried to insert nonsense into a perfect report.

AP even ruins the work of its most excellent reporters.


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