Israeli army takes aim at Hezbollah rifle claim

Dear Editor,

Ha-ha-ha, AP is tickling our funny bone. “Israeli army takes aim at Hezbollah rifle claim” as heading was not enough, so the pun is repeated in the opening sentence. Ha-ha, ho-ho.

And how about”Israel shoots back after rifle gift backfires“?


Seriously, was it too hard to state outright that we were lied to? Even an outright untruth about a prop, AP needs to hide? Come on – this was not deceiving the public, like when Hassan Nasrallah or President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad open their mouths. This was innocent theatre.

We know that you want us not to be able to tell the difference between AP fiction and reality. But we need you to distinguish between innocent gimmicks and the news. Hiding Arab deceit is standard AP practice, we know, but to “true up” a dodge is overkill – pun intended.


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