Israel, Hamas have resumed prisoner swap talks

Dear Editor,

With “Israel, Hamas have resumed prisoner swap talks” Associated Press Writer ARON HELLER, as usual, has written another good report, though it is lacking important information that we have pointed out to you before and although clearly someone else has changed the part after the sixth paragraph of his report plus added another unrelated report (that we commented on earlier) to its tail.

Left out: That the Israeli offer to release about a 1,000 prisoners is a huge break with standing policy of not releasing convicts with Jewish blood on their hands. There are 10 multiple murderers among these 1,000 that Israel would be ready to let go, who together killed over a 100 Israelis in cold blood.

Left out: That the international community has widely and repeatedly convicted the kidnapping and the holding of Shalit as hostage. In AP reports we read almost daily how the whole world would be against Israel, even if it’s not true at all. Criticism on Arabs though is stifled.

Left out: That the way Shalit is held is a violation of international law and a war crime. In contrast, AP ventilates on a regular basis that Israel would violate international law and commit war crimes, while those claims are presented as facts but are truly baseless slander.

Twisted: That there is no equality between these prisoners. The Arab convicts all got a fair trial, the Israeli conscript was violently abducted.

Twisted: That the talks had broken down over Israel’s refusal. This is bringing the narrative of Palestinian terrorists as indisputably factual without any Israeli rebuttal.

Twisted: The Israeli prime minister is accused of “misleading Israeli public opinion when he talks about his willingness to make major concessions” while he in fact already has made major concessions and there is no one asked to comment on these baseless imputations.

Twisted: It is outright offensive to equate (“also”) a kidnapped defensive soldier doing his duty to protect civilians with outright murderers who had their days in court.

Twisted: Israel is (again) accused of torpedoing the peace talks while it was the PA that laid down a new condition and bolted the talks, assisted by worldwide incessant slander by AP.

One truly wonders what keeps these bona fide reporters from quitting & suing their employer from using their good name to spread anti-Zionist slander to the four corners of the globe.


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