Palestinians say 1 dead in Israeli strike in Gaza

Dear Editor,

There is no reason in the world why your “Palestinians say 1 dead in Israeli strike in Gaza” should not have been titled “Israel intercepts Gazan terrorist rocket attack on civilians”, except your hatred for the Zionist enterprise.

The whole small report is distorting the truth, portraying the terrorists as victims and Israelis as aggressors.

Trying to kill Israeli citizens is a war crime, but not for AP; preventing it is worth a celebration, but not for AP.

Comes to mind the story of Nazi-Germany where a passerby saves someone from a vicious dog attack. Journalists are all delighted at his heroism and want to know his name. As a result the headline in the papers became: Cowardly Jew attacked German Shepherd.

As a bonus you throw in the AP mantra of peace talks stalled “because of” settlement activity.

Your claim at journalism around Israel is simply ridiculous.

You’re a disgrace to civilization.


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