Israel unlikely champ in global real estate

Dear Editor,

Sickly Amt Teibel has tried her talented hand at a subject she knows nothing about, and it shows in “Israel unlikely champ in global real estate.”

She gets the figures right, she gets the sources right, and she still has no clue.

We’re not hinting at the headline, that, of course, discredits Israel – Amy’s trademark – while the text has hidden references to the contrary (“beaches, balmy weather and freewheeling spirit, its holy sites and mixture of ancient and new”).

We’re not referring to distortions that people far away may believe and that fictionally could “explain” the lack of peace here (” this land-strapped country”).

We don’t allude to her missing that the Israeli currency is harder than ever, and that the governor of the Central Bank has just been named the world’s best banker.

We’re not even talking about her neglecting the ongoing possibility of cheap house ownership in the South, the North, outside of the large population centers and (last but not least) on the West Bank.

Thousands upon thousands of young, stylish, rich, Jewish French refugees, fleeing the rise in anti-Semitism, are now flooding the Capital and the economic center of the country, driving up housing prices as never before, but Amy never notices.

She has our sympathy,


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