Helen Thomas on being anti-Semitic: ‘Baloney!’

Dear Editor,

With your “Helen Thomas on being anti-Semitic: ‘Baloney!’,” AP has done the world yet another disservice.

Again AP has quoted verbatim and at length an anti-Semite without putting up almost any fight. The average reader who doesn’t know too much about Jews, Israel and anti-Jewish stereotyping just received yet another dose of Jew-hatred without any antidote.

This is not an isolated incident. This AP does regularly – how embarrassing!

Why doesn’t AP explain:

– that sincerity (the comments were “exactly what I thought,”) does not preclude mistakes; (that honest Racism is still Racism, etc.;)

– that “You cannot criticize Israel in this country and survive,” is an anti-Jewish statement in itself; anti-Semites often see national and global conspiracies by Jews but have never been able to prove even one;

– that Zionism is as legitimate as any People seeking and realizing statehood; that no one should tell her to go back to Lebanon either; that Israeli has enough space for two Peoples – that the problem is the hatred, not the lack of free land; that Jews are the oldest People in the world and that Israel is their home for 3000 years and more;

– that it is not true that the only way to be a bona fide anti-Semite to be for “Auschwitz or anything else”; like Racism is not confined to advocating the random lynching of Blacks;

– that “They distorted my remarks, for their own propaganda purposes” – is a form of anti-Jewish Oppression: to talk about Jews as “them” as if they are a completely different species;

– that “her pro-Arab views” don’t mean that she has to be anti-Jewish or unfairly anti-Israel; the best advocates for Mideast peace are those that honor both Jewish and Arab aspirations for statehood, safety, dignity, peace and prosperity;

“There was no explanation of whom “they” referred to.” – AP’s token critical remark!

– that it is clear that she issued an apology, because people were upset with her, not because she learned that she was wrong (not then and not now);

– that she thought she had hurt people, but “At the same time, I had the same feelings about Israel’s aggression and brutality,” shows that she doesn’t understand that Israelis are people too;

And then they move on to her Sexist views (“I thought women in politics would have more compassion, be more liberal.”); we often, but not always, see that people who hate, don’t manage just to dislike only one type of people.

These kinds of AP reports are the clearest way in which AP spreads anti-Semitism. No one needs to do any analysis to reach such a conclusion. There is nothing indirect in this case.

AP spreads anti-Semitism. Blatant anti-Jewish hatred.

On top of the indirect anti-Jewish hatred that AP spreads by non-stop slandering Israel.

We wonder if we like more your honest or your backhanded agitation against Jews.


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