Jericho unveils massive ancient mosaic

Dear Editor,

With your “Jericho unveils massive ancient mosaic” your industrious Karin Laub has found yet another way to snub Israel – don’t mention it.

Like the maps from the Palestinian Occupied Areas and throughout the Arab world that won’t have the word Israel on them at all, she writes a festive, pleasant report and “forgets” to mention in what country Jericho is located.

It’s situated in the “Jordan Valley” and experts to comment on it come from close-by Al-Quts university and a Jerusalem institute. The city is “Biblical” and the mosaic “Umayyad.”

The Jewish roots of the city nor the present Zionist empire are anywhere to be found on her map.

The only question left is, is the AP writer an PA writer of a Hamas writer? Time will tell.


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