IOC president invites Israel, Palestine for talks

Dear Editor,

Your “IOC president invites Israel, Palestine for talks” is a textbook case of AP spreading PA lies about the Mideast.

The whole report consists of a mere five short sentences. What could go wrong in such a small report? Leave that to AP!


First we get the opinion of all of the world against Israel, and Israel gets a token statement far after that. Nothing new at AP.

Then AP writes “Israel denies the accusations.” immediately followed by “Israel’s prime minister has promised to look into ways of easing travel restrictions on Palestinian athletes.”

Something doesn’t add up, here. Lying is one thing; should we call poor lying unprofessional?


Haaretz has a much lengthier report, and look what AP left out or changed:

The Israeli Left-leaning daily Haaretz takes a day longer to report. What emerges?

First of all they changed the heading, because there is not and never has been a country called Palestine. “Olympic chief Rogge invites Israelis, Palestinians for talks” – subtitle: PA says Israel routinely hinders the movement of Palestinian athletes.

So it becomes clear that not the IOC president has complained or, as AP has it “Jacque Rogge has expressed concern over travel obstacles facing Palestinian athletes,” but rather that he wants to see if there can be solutions to the traveling difficulties that come from Arab violence. This is how he put it in Haaretz: “We understand that there are security measures to be respected and that is very important, but we have pleaded to have a relaxation or facilitating these travels on the other hand.” Now, THAT is balanced.

Haaretz continues: “Earlier on Thursday, Netanyahu spoke by phone with Rogge and promised to explore ways of easing the comings and goings of Palestinian athletes. Israel says it does not target athletes specifically, but sometimes raises concerns about individuals.” Now, THAT is the real quote, and it’s of substance.

Haaretz continues: “Rogge also pledged his support for Israeli athletes who have been boycotted in international competitions. “I have made it also very clear that the IOC will always support Israeli athletes who are prevented from participating in some international competitions,” he said.” Now, THAT is really balanced.

Look at all that AP left out: the reason for the travel restriction (Arab violence), understanding for Israel’s concerns (Arab terrorism), and a wish for protection for Israelis in international competitions (when anti-Israeli politics intervene in sports).

But, that is not all. (Sorry, if this deception is going to be shocking.)

The Jerusalem Post also has a short report and reveals what AP left out or changed:

The Israeli Right-leaning daily Jerusalem Post mostly brings what AP offered; but look what it reveals on top of this.

Rogge was not by coincidence in the region. He came to memorialize the Israeli victims of the Munich Olympic Games massacre, and added that Netanyahu had agreed to ease travel restrictions on Palestinian athletes.

These 11 athletes were among the first victims of Palestinian modern terrorism, murdered by the group Black September.

Even this decades-old Arab terrorism AP needs to hide?


No one does the Palestinians cause so much damage as AP. Because not only does it protect Palestinian leaders who do nothing for their People or Peace, enjoying themselves with money & prominence that don’t belong to them. They also give legitimacy to terrorism by explaining it away, leaving it out & using euphemisms. & they prolong the conflict by slandering Israel.

On the Middle East, AP reporting is COMPLETELY UNRELIABLE.


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