Court upholds deportation of Nobel laureate

Dear Editor,

Your “Court upholds deportation of Nobel laureate” is the height of hypocrisy.

You write that the legal decision “could further tarnish Israel’s image abroad” while it is you that is the major player causing such slander. DISGUSTING!

By calling her a “Nobel laureate” (in the headline, no less) AP gives her respectability. But anyone who takes the trouble to read well into this report, discovers that she has the audacity to compare “the Jewish state’s reported nuclear arsenal to Hitler’s gas chambers.” Comparing Israel to the Nazi-regime falls under the European definition of anti-Semitism. She is an ordinary Jew-hater, that you put on as a respectable person.

She shows more signs of pathological hatred for the Jewish people by accusing the Jewish state of “apartheid and the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.” What does AP do with this? It quotes it verbatim and doesn’t explain that Israel is a parliamentarian democracy with Arabs represented and representing the state at all levels of society, so no apartheid state. And if anyone tries to cleanse any group it are those that want to remove Jews from the West Bank. To falsely accuse Jews of being genocidal is the biggest & most tasteless chutzpah.

But this is not all by far. The above comes just from the information AP provides. But when we turn to the Left-wing Israeli daily Haaretz we found out that AP omitted that the Court had rejected her petition not because it was not sympathetic to this Irish bigot. Rather, she had sidestepped the normal procedure to obtain permission to enter and took the law into her own hands. And then the Court recommended through leniency that she would get a two-day entry permit, but the state rejected that compromise. As usual with Israel by AP, Israel is portrayed as the aggressor and the real aggressor is depicted as a victim.

Last but not least, this smiling monster is not just an Israel critic or a Jew hater. She has actively participated in endangering the lives of ordinary citizens by participating in braking the defensive blockade of Gaza. Israel has not just the right but also the duty to protect its inhabitants against the infiltration of dangerous individuals. That is more important than stopping her from spreading her hateful propaganda and encouraging other liars and hate mongers. Israeli democracy has no trouble with extremist opinions. But extremist activists are a different ballgame.

The straight-shooting legal reporter of the well-respected Right-wing Israeli daily the Jerusalem Post makes known that Supreme Court President Dorit Benisch made it clear that she did not believe the contestant’s claim that she did not know about the deportation order issued against her in 2009 and 2010, each for 10 years, and believes that she did not come to Israel in good faith or with “friendly intentions.” She added that we should not think that they would cast doubt on Israel’s sovereignty “because of this woman.” This truth and the conciliatory recommendation to admit her anyway would have hurt the image of this would-be infiltrator so AP left this out.

Once again around Israel, AP has chosen the side of anti-democrats and Israel-haters. It only had to lie and slander to get there – a bargain.


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