Peace talks come and go, but a settlement grows

Dear Editor,

Your “Peace talks come and go, but a settlement grows” is one of the better written pieces of your propaganda.

1. You have produced dozens of “reports” in only a few weeks time harping on Israeli settlements, blotting out the real issues. It’s the settlements issue that frustrate president Obama – not the Palestinian unwillingness to settle the conflict, of course. Never would AP raise the question why Jews could not live in Palestinian areas but a limited number of Arabs should live within Israel.

2. Besides that, your report has the characteristic that usually give away anti-Jewish stereotypes. We see that on the one hand Jews are hated for being so refined that they bother mankind with guilt while on the other hand Jews are evil described as low-lives. Anti-Semites are never disturbed by the contradictions. Or by the untruthfulness of it all.

Here settlers are hysterically portrayed as “a massive presence” (250 families on a hill-top!) on the West Bank, while in other reports AP brands them as a tiny minority living among an overwhelming Arab presence.

3. AP even admits here that the settlements cover only 1 (one!) percent of the ground, “But their impact is much greater than that number would suggest; the settlements and their access roads form a web of Israeli control that Palestinians say rules out any chance of viable statehood.” Left out is that separate roads and control have proven to be needed against terrorists attacks. As usual AP mentions Israeli defense measures as scandalous and leaves out the violence that necessitated them. The word “control” feeds the most popular and disgusting stereotype about Jews.

4. Another vile trick is giving the floor to the most proud but most extreme, inconsiderate Israelis, leaving out the moderate ones & the most intolerant Palestinian leaders & spokespersons. Guess who seems unreasonable through this manipulation.

5. Last but not least, AP is never too lazy to give a spin to reality. One prominent example from the beginning of your story: “Last week Israel ended its temporary settlement freeze, Palestinians threatened to quit the talks” – In fact Israel didn’t end the freeze but rather this was a goodwill gesture that lasted ten months to no avail and that was to end automatically. Because it had not delivered one Palestinian sign of goodwill, there was no political basis in Israel to lengthen the freeze.

In fact, Abu Mazen only threatened to walk away from the talks after AP had planted its poisonous plants. Earlier he assured he wouldn’t. But AP beautifully prepared public opinion for such a move & so enabled another hurdle on the long road to peace.

AP does not mention the chutzpah that the Palestinian leaders always want more and never deliver themselves. Just imagine that you gave someone a subscription to their favorite magazine for a year, and them when the year is over he comes to you to throw in your windows “because you have ended the subscription.” That is exactly what the PA and the AP do.


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