Israeli police kill Palestinian laborer

Dear Editor,

The report

Your “Israeli police kill Palestinian laborer” is as short as treacherous.

1. In the headline, the opening and the body of the report, Israel is (again) presented as the mortal aggressor and Palestinians as chance-less victims. Left out is that the separation barrier is a (most effective) means against terrorists sneaking in and that the Palestinian police, the Israeli police, the border police and the Israeli military are DEFENSIVE forces.

2. By calling the real aggressor a laborer, AP renders him innocent, an innocent victim, not a terrorist. Even if he was someone merely looking for work, he could have been a perilous thief or a plain murderer or a dedicated terrorists on his way to innocent civilians. And even if an innocent laborer, willingly or unwillingly he could have tipped off aggressors (family members, friends, acquaintances) how to penetrate Israel.

3. AP claims that it’s too early to know exactly what happened. That doesn’t stop AP from slandering Israel and reinforcing stereotypes, leaving out anything that could question exhausting prejudice and hatred and stop the truth from coming forth.

4. By claiming that this is “igniting new tensions in the volatile sector of the city” AP in fact sows news tensions. AP takes the place of instigator because there ARE NO new tension – AP just intimates them. Is the anonymous AP reporter motivated by a wish for more conflict so that it will have more to report, or driven by a baseless hatred for Israelis or both? We may never know.

5. Anyone who enters a country illegally and then proceeds to ignore orders to stop, forfeits his life. No country in the world will or should forego its security for unknown infiltrators. AP should have added that it was unclear if some of the men were crazy, imbeciles, deaf, tired of life or in fact out for a violent job that they didn’t heed police warnings to stop.

6. To have an unidentified “witness” question police integrity is fully unacceptable. A faithful AP would have mentioned that Israeli forces are the least trigger-happy in the world and that most of such incidents don’t end with any loss of limb or life. So are almost every night in the West Bank suspects arrested by Israeli security forces. It is absolutely rare that anyone gets hurt.

In short, AP again has managed to spread hatred & ignite tensions. Not through a mistake but as part of an ongoing pattern.

[Meanwhile, AP has quadrupled the short report, harping some more on Palestinian victimhood. The token paragraph citing the police has fallen to be paragraph nine. The report now closes off with an example of strict worldwide unparalleled Israeli justice, but AP just harps on Israeli culpability.]

The reporter

Jews poison wells & spread disease doesn’t sell so well anymore. AP has modernized the story; the hatred is the same.

If there is a road to peace, AP is a road block. AP is not a witness; AP is one of the villains. Its dislike of Jews is so strong that it doesn’t even care that it hurts its image or standing while going after them.

Hitler and Eichmann never hurt one Jew. They provided the philosophy and headed the organizing of mass murder, but they themselves never used any violence. Likewise AP is providing the propaganda & lies & organizing the continuous poisoning of the public mind, while it keeps clean hands. We hold AP for more murderous than the brainwashed people who actually physically try to hurt Jews.

It’s not lying Holocaust deniers, not arrogant neo-Nazis or White Supremacists, not hating terrorists, not violent armies of enemy dictator run states that are the great spreaders of animosity against and murder of Jews. The main top and most dangerous and effective enemies of Jews are the intellectuals who work at these seemingly perfectly decent organizations as AP.

Sure, AP is still one of the least hateful spreaders of anti-Jewish propaganda; it’s also one of the more subtle. Being so powerful gives its crimes much more weight, not less. A primitive Nazi who cruelly murdered one person should not escape justice; but a refined organization pretending to be respectable that plots to exterminate a whole people is far worse, of course.

As history shows, it’s only a matter of time before they are brought to trial and put away for a long time. We encourage all decent people working at AP, from frustrated truthful journalists to its overworked receptionists, to leave the sinking ship and vote for their conscience. Employers are always in need of honest, decent workers. And even if it takes time to find other work, meanwhile you will sleep better. In the long run, one can not really lose out by turning one’s back to evil.


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