Ancient tree to help turn Jericho into tourism hub

Dear Editor,

Your KARIN LAUB has climbed down the high tree of hate for Israel to write a seemingly idyllic “Ancient tree to help turn Jericho into tourism hub” brilliantly.

One really has to know the situation to even suspect that she is pulling our leg, presenting the world upside down.

A few core points:

1. “though both projects hinge on Israeli approval.” – As if Israel would have any motive to stop Palestinian prosperity. In truth, the ball is in the Palestinian court. If they would stop violence, hatred & incitement they’ll have a viable prosperous state. They didn’t ask for a state at the West Bank when under Jordan occupation. Also now they are only lukewarm about it. It’s no one else than the Israeli prime minister who is pushing for a Palestinian state at the West Bank, with the Palestinian leaders dragging their feet.

2. “The plans reflect the Abbas government’s approach of building a Palestinian state from the ground up, regardless of the ups and downs of negotiations with Israel.” – In fact, the Palestinian leadership has done very little for the population. It was just too busy with pocketing the lavish subsidies that Western Governments were providing. (The Arab rulers had their own pockets to fill, so unfortunately largely have declined to subsidize their Palestinian counterparts.) It has been Israel and only Israel that has been promoting economic growth on the West Bank (in the fancy false (or at least far-fetched) belief that this will bring peace).

3. “Palestinians across the West Bank saw many economic gains wiped out.” “The road leading into Jericho still bears witness to the scars of the fighting” ” outbreak of fighting in 2000″ “too dangerous for Israelis to return to Jericho” – Left out – as always at AP – who caused and initiated the wiping out of gains, the fighting and the danger. Terrorism is a four letter word at AP. At least when it comes to the Mideast. AP reporting has not become too fictitious. AP lies. And that is the truth.


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