Photo essay: Talks put focus on Jewish settlers

Dear Editor,

In your “Photo essay: Talks put focus on Jewish settlers” Associated Press Writer BEN HUBBARD takes AP propaganda to a new obscene height.

In a rambling “report” he lists a slew of lies & twists, so efficient as we seldom saw before.

He employs a technique that we did not know of till now. He just jots down the sentences, one after the other. Not only does he not care about their truthfulness – he also doesn’t watch if there is any connection between two consecutive clauses.

(In case he was describing a real photo exhibition, we watched AP’s photo gallery – Conflict in the Middle East; his “descriptions” have nothing to do with the pictures recently taken.)

Let’s look at some of his gems:

new apartments for Jews on land claimed by Arabs.” – Harping on settlers that stole Arab lands, as if Jews were newcomers in the region and are the only People in the world who don’t deserve a homeland.

Relatives carry the bodies of those killed on both sides.” – Moral equivalence, as always at AP hiding Arab violence. Leaving out that the Arabs who died were: suicide bombers and other war criminals who aimed at civilians plus occasional victims of circumstance, while the vast majority of the Jews killed were plainly murdered. Hitler also died in WW II; we still would not call him a victim of the Second World War.

the Bible, the book they believe promises them all of the Holy Land.” – This is simply not true as the Bible speaks at length about sharing the land with others & to protect them. The only reason Israel is not a bi-national state is because 100 years of Arab violence prevents that. But the over a million Arabs in Israel live good lives, especially when compared with their cousins in the dozens of (Jew-free) Arab states around.

the decades-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict” – A favorite anti-Zionist trick: to choose where you start your story so that Arabs come out as victims; in this case: after the Six Day War.

The U.S.-backed peace talks launched earlier this month have drawn attention to Israel’s West Banks settlements.” – Rather, AP has been harping on Palestinian preconditions as if they are needs and rights and not what they are: some goodwill gesture, largely wasted.

180,000 [Jews] live in Arab neighborhoods in east Jerusalem, where the Palestinians want to found the capital of their hoped-for state.” Not true – even Abu Mazen wants only the Arab neighborhoods, and these 180,000 live in New Jerusalem neighborhoods, recaptured from Jordan, that AP also calls East Jerusalem which has nothing to do with Arab ambition to have a part of Jerusalem as their capital.

Palestinians and much of the international community say the settlements undermine the chances of peace by gobbling up land slated for a future Palestine.” – Actually, that is what the Palestinian leaders and AP are saying.

Israel says it has the right to settle disputed territory.” No, Israel says that we should negotiate disputed territory.

The settlement issue may even derail peace talks” – No, it will not, despite all of AP’s vile work to get there.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says any new construction will make him quit the talks.” Blatant lie! He expressly has said on several occasions now that he will not abandon the talks in any case.

the conflict on the ground continues for the Arabs and Jews whose communities lie adjacent to each other and whose lives overlap.” Probably the biggest lie. Arab violence has necessitated separate neighborhoods, separate excess roads, and the number of mixed living [places is very small. But where they exist they are very peaceful.

radical rabbi who preached driving the Palestinians out of the land by force.” – An old trick to portray Jews by their extremists.

Israeli soldiers tackle a Jewish settler seeking to vandalize a Palestinian home.” – Jewish violence is never left out; even people “seeking to vandalize” property have to be mentioned. Arab murder is different – that should be obscured.

“And both communities mourn over the bodies of those killed in the conflict over the land they claim as their own.” – Moral equivalence all over again, as always meant to hide Arab violence. If the conflict was over land, it would have been settled long ago.


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