Israeli minister: Palestinians need to compromise

Dear Editor,

We are shocked to discover that your “Israeli minister: Palestinians need to compromise” is another AP headline voicing part of Israel’s position. We don’t understand how this can happen, twice only one day apart.

Also in this case you removed this article from your archives. We understand your need for a uniform record in reporting on the Mideast, but couldn’t you prevent these Zionist headlines in the first place?

True, the opening of the “report” is the usual bona fide Palestinian reporting.

  • You harp on the West Bank building freeze as if it were a Palestinian need or right while it was merely an Israeli gesture.
  • You hide away that the Palestinians threaten to sabotage the direct negotiations by constructing preconditions.
  • You equalize Israel’s refusal for more concessions with the Palestinian demands of more gifts – instead of concessions by them for a change.
  • The whole works.

Then the Israeli side gets a token paragraph to be drowned out by the next two Palestinian paragraphs.

But then it happens. You give the microphone to Israel. Any of your readers still there can get the information. This IS a surprise – until we discover that you quickly took this report out of circulation.

There are so many ways to fool the public, and you truly employ them all. Hats off!


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