Israel warns of violence if peace talks fail

Dear Editor,

With your “Israel warns of violence if peace talks fail” it was truly exceptional to see an AP headline voicing part of Israel’s position. Of course, we understand that that was a grave oversight and we applaud that you took the report off the wire within a day.

Never mind all the usual AP distortions in it, the headline was almost refreshing and that should not have happened. It’s out of character and confusing.

Sure, also the headline hides that the violence it speaks of is Arab violence. Not to miss a beat AP opens the “report” with harping some more on the “settlement issue.” It renders blameless Israel’s counterpart by writing about “Palestinian violence could erupt” while we know that violent doesn’t “erupt” – it is perpetrated.

And we read all the usual Palestinian propaganda, denying that the building freeze was a goodwill gesture and that negotiations should continue without preconditions.

Left out are – again – what responsibility the Palestinian leadership could take like denouncing/curbing hate education and incitement, acknowledging the Jewish State, etc.

We assume that this careless soul that dared to promote even a part of Israeli concerns through an AP headline has been given a stiff warning. We trust that removing the scandalous “report” from your archives is permanent to prevent further damages.


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