Iran crosses into Iraq to hit bombing suspects

Dear Editor,

Your “Iran crosses into Iraq to hit bombing suspects” is mainly of any interests because it features a term rarely found in AP reports. The rarity: “terrorists”!

For bands of murderers as Iran-sponsored Hamas or Hezbollah, AP always employs euphemisms as activists, combatants, commandos, fighters, freedom fighters, militants, resistance fighters, warriors, and never terrorists.

Now here, we are talking about the number one terrorism supporting state Iran, calling its enemies terrorists. It’s like Hitler calling his foes racists. AP passes on the word as a quote. Why doesn’t AP do that too with Hamas or Hezbollah? We know, we understand.

If AP calls Hamas or Hezbollah “terrorists,” everyone knows that the quotation marks are redundant. They ARE terrorists. And AP’s abuse of language is to HIDE that they are a bunch of blood-thirsty, power-hungry, civilians attacking, war criminals. Hence: fighters.

In any case, we now see that the AP computers don’t block the word “terrorists.”

It’s the editors, stupid!


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