Internet holy day blackout imposed in Israel

Dear Editor,

Associated Press Writer AMY TEIBEL is back!!

In “Internet holy day blackout imposed in Israel” AP gives this hate-fueled writer, always ready to go on a rampage, another chance to energetically profess dislikes & stereotypes.

She has ignored our earlier advise to see a therapist. Her old diatribe is still there in its entirety.

It transpires that the headline exaggerates the changes, as it concerns only some ministries on payments only and just possibly if at all in the future. The word “imposed” is also false as it only wants to disable, not enforce.

As always she makes a mountain out of a molehill & uses the opportunity to ventilate her anti-religious positions. She always needs a surprisingly small number of people to quote as she sees AP as her diary in which she can write whatever she wants. Slowly she has started to bore as she continues to ride her old hobby horses, & it spoils a bit her writing talent.

As with all hate-literature, the verbs employed are the most telling: pulling the plug, creating friction, enforce, controlled by ultra-Orthodox parties, controls the Interior Ministry, liable to fuel secular resentment, wield disproportionate influence.

In “The inconvenience is liable to fuel already considerable secular resentment of the ultra-Orthodox, who make up less than 10 percent of the population but wield disproportionate influence in Israel’s parliamentary democracy.” she gives away her main points of personal hatred and contention. In truth, Amy cannot face that she is part of an endangered minority in Israel, where the majority calls itself from traditional to strictly orthodox and a smaller and smaller fringe group is quickly dying out and emigrating that yet calls itself secular.

She adds her other old stereotypes of her “ultra-Orthodox” enemy, showing the full hand of her ongoing resentment and intolerance:

  • “Few ultra-Orthodox men serve in the military,” she claims, leaving out that more and more religious Jews do serve and that most Arab citizens don’t serve at all, which does not disturb her. She also leaves out that these men mostly don’t serve because of the relative lewdness that goes on in the army.
  • “Many ultra-Orthodox families rely on state handouts because the men want to pursue religious studies rather than work.” She leaves out that these men study 60 hours a week for less than the minimum pay, and that their wives often work next to running their often large families, and what idealism these people must have to bring so much sacrifice for their beliefs. She doesn’t make clear what a secular Jew as she is is doing in the Holy Lands as she could as well live anywhere else in the world.
  • “The ultra-Orthodox also have a monopoly on civil matters like marriage & divorce, creating further tensions.” We don’t know why she lies. This monopoly is as old as the state. One way to keep the peace is to leave the status quo as much as possible. Not for Amy – she simply (and falsely) claims that the monopoly creates tensions. She leaves out all the attempts to further secularize these procedures and the secular bastions that hold their part of the power, such as the army & the high court of justice.

We did see this beautiful construction “the planned ban joins two leading ills of Israeli life – red tape and religious restrictions – in a marriage of inconvenience.” that shows again that she’s a great writer; we often see great artists suffer mentally. She has our sympathy.


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