Israelis, Palestinians unite on sports field

Dear Editor,

Your “Israelis, Palestinians unite on sports field” could have been such a break from the usual bias as if all we have in Israel is war, pre-war and post-war events. Unfortunately, the report is marred if not ruined by: mistakes, untruths, bias and missed opportunities.


The headline, the opening & the closing paragraphs are just fine.

Bias and untruths:

It is reported that “Israeli military checkpoints” often delay one of the players from showing up at practice. Left out is that these barriers are set up to save lives because of the ongoing incitement and attempts to kill Jews, and that in Israel all people every day need to go though security before entering all public buildings like banks, restaurants, stores. As usual, AP hides Arab aggression and highlights Arab victimship.

AP again states “Much of the rift between the two sides concerns Jewish settlements in the West Bank” as it will only report Palestinian demands (as if they could not negotiate and need to present every wish as a condition) and rarely report on Jewish needs (for security, acknowledgment, end to incitement) in the negotiations (but then will portray them unfairly).

Completely ridiculous is AP’s reporting that “Palestinians should also be able to access” settlements and their facilities. No Israeli is allowed into West Bank Arab cities & those that got there by mistake often paid with their lives or escaped by the skin of their teeth. The Palestinian leadership still cannot agree with Jews living within their new state, but Israel with its large Arab minority should now guarantee that Arabs can enter settlements. The gall!


It is not true that “Israelis almost universally oppose” a one-state solution. Old, demagogic statistics wanted us believe that this way Israel would lose its Jewish majority, but this was shown to be bogus. (Arab women modernize & have less & less children. Many Arabs (& Israelis) now live in the diaspora to avoid the conflict. Israelis are becoming more & more religious & their greater families guarantee now a Jewish majority for years to come.)

Missed opportunity:

The report fails to mention that Israelis and Palestinians/Arabs mingle freely in a number of important spots:

  • There are cities (Haifa) and neighborhoods (Beit Safafa) where Jews live peacefully together
  • There are many jobs and work places where Jews and Arabs work together
  • Israeli universities teach a mixture of Jews and Arabs
  • The Israeli health system has Jews and Arabs completely mixed and integrated, both the doctors, therapists, nurses, technicians and patients
  • Both Bedouin & Druse soldiers form an integral part of the Israeli army for decades.

What a missed chance.


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