PM: Israel must be recognized as Jewish state

Dear Editor,

We are delighted to have AMY TEIBEL back, AP’s own Joseph Goebbels! And she doesn’t disappoint us. He first clause is one of utter distortion as only she can deliver. The judeophobic “reporter” immediately deals with the lunatic idea that there could be any talk of a right of Jews to live in their own country, securely and safely, like any people. What is so horrifying to your poor journalist who has such trouble with anything Jewish, even Fidel Castro has now acknowledged as completely natural & logical,

She’s not just a hatemonger – she’s an artist. She builds her cases very well. We can learn a lot about the world of manipulators by following how she does it. She presents the need from Israel to be acknowledged as a state for the Jews as a demand. Then she adds that the Palestinians have always rejected this, so we should forget about this. Case lost, we would say.

Now, she doesn’t leave it at a one time use of the word demand. She skillfully gives it two functions. First of all she uses it no less than six times, four times in the first five paragraphs to characterize Israel’s stubbornness. But then it comes. The last time she utilizes the chilling verb for the Palestinian demand to freeze building in the West Bank and east Jerusalem (“Jewish West Bank settlements”). This way she hides (as any time AP uses moral equivalence), that the PA demand is real as it threatens to bolt the negotiations while Israel is simply voicing its needs for a certain outcome of the talks without preconditions.

She does quote Netanyahu, even at the start of the report, but she killed anything he said even before reporting it. And of course, he never spoke of a demand. He simply shared his visions for peace: “A peace agreement is based – first of all – on the recognition of Israel as the national state of the Jewish People.” He spoke of his longing for genuine peace and no threat of demand left his lips.

Netanyahu did address that a State for the Jews naturally includes equal democratic right for anyone living in it. That, of course, AP left out; instead it printed that veteran Palestinian negotiator Nabil Shaath said “We don’t deny that that there is a majority of Jews in Israel, but we deny their requirement that we recognize that Jewishness when there are a million and a half Palestinian Christians and Muslims who are citizens of Israel today.” You want your case presented with a twist – AMY TEIBEL is the best!


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