Obama says he’ll stay engaged in Mideast talks

Dear Editor,

We must hand it to you. AP isn’t only so creative with the truth; you are never too tired to be innovative in you fabrications.

In “Obama says he’ll stay engaged in Mideast talks” you quote the smokescreens that the US president blows out to hide that he’s simply forcing president Abas to a reasonable peace deal and not let him get away with threats or worse anymore. Saving face is all that there is to it, and AP knows it but it plays along as it’s always into making policy instead of reporting it, around Israel.

But in the middle of this piece of fiction, AP inserted yet another fruit of its wish to manipulate the readers’ minds.

“The wars and grievances that flowed from Israel’s 1948 founding as a Jewish state have divided the Middle East.”

The verb is very interesting. Flowed, like water that can’t help but move from high to low grounds. There was not hatred and jealousy that was preached by Israels neighbors. Wars flowed.

The British never played Jews & Arabs off against one another, while they did do that in other colonies before they left them. War in the Middle East followed Israel’s statehood as water follows the law of gravity. A law of Nature; not the nature of the low lives.

AP also conceals that Arab hatred made that the idea of a bi-national state had to be abandoned – and still is no option.

Again and again AP hides Arab violence.

And of course it cites Palestinian demands and leaves out Israel’s needs. But those are old fabrications.


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