Hamas: Israeli strike in Gaza kills 3 Palestinians

Dear Editor,

AP’s “Hamas: Israeli strike in Gaza kills 3 Palestinians” consists of two parts. One is a “breaking news update” that is connected to the headline, the part under it an earlier story that has nothing to do with this but is again AP harping about Israel’s building freeze.

The first part again lays down the stereotype of Israeli aggression and Palestinians being victims. How does AP sell it this time? Simple: the Israeli army has not published the facts yet, so AP just puts general claim and counter-claim next to each other, under the banner of blaming Israel.

And, as with all moral equivalence by AP, it’s just hiding Arab aggression.

Even if there were no declaration by the Israeli Army (but there was one an hour ago), there are still 3 good reasons to believe the general Israeli version & reject Hamas’ propaganda. And that is 3 without taking into account that Hamas is just a bunch of murderers.

  1. Israel for years only defends against aggression and doesn’t just kill people, so why should it now be different?
  2. Israeli doesn’t have a motive to go kill anyone who doesn’t threaten it.
  3. Over half of the Israeli conscripts are left-wing peace-loving young people who will prevent anyone from getting away with murder or even manslaughter, which makes any rare trigger-happy soldier think twice about shooting

An hour ago the Israeli Defense Force has published what happened: http://ht.ly/2D1yb:

IDF Thwarts Attempt to Fire RPG at Forces in the Northern Gaza Strip, 12 Sept 2010

1. A short while ago, IDF soldiers identified a number of suspects attempting to fire an RPG in their direction. The soldiers returned fire towards the suspects, who were apparently hit.

2. Earlier today, IDF soldiers identified a number of suspects approaching the security fence in the same area. The force fired warning shots at the suspects’ general direction.

3. In addition, two projectiles apparently landed in the same area.

This all AP brings under the banner blaming Israel. Disgusting!

[But this was only a breaking story. After an hour AP corrects for the IDF information and lets the report win a lot of balance. But it does bring the settlement issue back to its headline and starts harping about that again without end. AP just never seems to get it right.]


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