Clinton resuming `last chance’ Mideast peace talks

Dear Editor,

AP has greatly expanded its “Clinton resuming `last chance’ Mideast peace talks” make-believe story.

We also found the interview with Mrs. Clinton’s that this “report” is supposed to cover:

In the AP story the word Israel appears 16 times; in the interview the Secretary of State names the Jewish state the whole of 5 times: twice in passing, and three times in the answer to one (the last) question within two 129-word long paragraphs within a 11,000-word script. Cherry-picking as never seen before.

Talking about cherries – cherry on the cake is that the “report” steals the central paragraph from AP’s previous “Obama says he’ll stay engaged in Mideast talks” about wars flowing from Israel’s existence (without acknowledging the genius who coined this deception).

AP’s lame excuse to harp about Palestinian demands and leave out Israeli needs under the pretext that Mrs. Clinton has spoken.


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