Hezbollah won’t cooperate with Hariri tribunal

Dear Editor,

“Hezbollah won’t cooperate with Hariri tribunal” is such a beautiful example of much what is wrong with AP’s Middle East “reporting.”

Here again the leader from a terrorist organization gets AP’s open microphone. He can say whatever he wants, & he does, and AP will broadcast it without any further remarks.

He is treated by AP as a man of dignity and respect while he is in fact an internationally acknowledged dictator, a mass murderer and a war criminal.

His “We are unconcerned with the international investigation and tribunal,” does not require any further comment by AP, it seems. If a top Nazi would have said the same about the Nuremberg Trials, would AP have left it at that too?

The worst travesty of the “report” though is that by now Hezbollah is the prime suspect, but AP conceals this. It only notices that “Initial suspicion for his murder fell on Syria” but AP leaves it vague who the new suspects should be.

It’s inconceivable in this materialistic world that AP would twist this truth for purely “idealistic reasons”(hatred) – much more likely you are paid well for this disservice. One day the proofs will come forward.


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