UN nuclear chief asks Israel to join treaty

Dear Editor,

Your report “UN nuclear chief asks Israel to join treaty” mentions the word “Israel” 17 times in 16 paragraphs & in the headline.

But the persistent reader has to wait till paragraph 8 to see the first AND ONLY token words by an Israeli.

These are also the most dismissive, extreme words that an Israeli could say about this, so they are the most inaccessible for most people.

But the very worst is that the main arguments for Israel’s secret nuclear arsenal are completely lacking from this piece of propaganda masquerading as a news report:

1. Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons is for deterrence, and it still needs them badly, not to her fault.

2. Iran’s dictatorship has threatened to wipe Israel off the map and denied the Holocaust; that is not going to make the Israeli leaders go very mellow on this subject if that is not condemned by the majority of the UN states and all her neighbors.


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