Israel: Explosions occurred at Hezbollah depot

Dear Editor,

1. The last sentence of your “Israel: Explosions occurred at Hezbollah depot” seems to have fallen off.

It must have read “Unfortunately, UNIFIL’s supervising is toothless as it is not allowed to search residential buildings.”

2. For the rest AP describes the reported Hezbollah activity in a factual fashion. And that is wrong, because it can be used to glorify the actions of these callous mass murderers.

Not a word about the fact that they are terrorists, that they mainly aim at civilians, that they hate Jews to live around them, etc.

This is not the nice organization that has to beef up security because it had three explosions in a year. These are villains.

3. Not that this whole report is not critical. It is, but…. only of Israel. All the information is quoted as if there is doubt on it being factual. Israel’s military “said,” “told,” “accused,” “alleged.”

Israel though has no reason and no motive to lie here; AP has – to continue its world-wide around the clock smirching of the Jewish State and face-lift all organizations with the same goal.


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