Gaza smugglers dead, missing in Israeli strike

Dear Editor,

Your “Gaza smugglers dead, missing in Israeli strike” is more of the same all over again.

1. Israel as the aggressor, Palestinians as its victims. From its headline till the very last paragraph. Even when it’s not true.

2. Only in the first half of the very last paragraph is mentioned that Palestinians murdered 5 Israeli Jews last week. AP labeled the victims as “settlers” while they were murdered because they were Jews – they were not asked first where they live.

3. In the penultimate paragraph we get to read that the air raid on the tunnels was a “retaliation,” fortifying the anti-Jewish myth that Jews are a revengeful People while Christians would have the God of Love. Ironically, the home base of AP, the US, still knows capital punishment – that can only be explained as a means to satisfy the primitive sense for retaliation and revenge – while in Israel the vast majority of Jews will be satisfied with deterrence of the mass murderers rather than revenge. The IDF never used the word “retaliation,” but rather: “response”!

4. Accompanying, an AP picture of one of the victims of the air raid; no such illustrations of the terrorist attacks of last week.

You support the agenda of a terrorist junta that has as its main goal (not doing good to its people but) killing all Jews around.

Not only do you so add legitimacy to Hamas murderers; you also make the Jews come out hateful – the world over.


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