Fast-track Mideast peace talks face big obstacles

Dear Editor,

Just the mere fact that Jews & Arabs read from right to left, doesn’t mean that on Middle East reporting AP should equal PA.

Your “Fast-track Mideast peace talks face big obstacles” is so embarrassingly biased and twisted. It reminds us of a similar peek in the AP Mideast mindset of 8 weeks ago: Analysis: A critical US-Israel issue is left open.

We will just present you with a list of the AP biases from this “analysis” – any conclusions we leave to others or for other times.

– Palestinians are the ones wronged in the conflict and the ones who need to receive. Israel needs to stop to wrong the Palestinians and their own needs are trivial or already fulfilled plenty.

– Hamas is a problem but the people who voted for (Gazans) & head & support Hamas are beyond demands. Jews living in the West Bank (“settlements”) are wrong and should leave. (Next step: Jews living in Palestine (“Israel”) are wrong and should leave.)

– Netanyahu is unreasonable, or as we call it at AP, a hardliner. Mr. Abbas, the Palestinian president (with title), is perilous. Hard/soft – you get it? So let the hard one get softer and the soft one get harder – that’s AP’s brilliant solution.

– The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a constant source of grievance and unrest in the Muslim world. And guess who’s one of the main players to get these upsetting reports to the whole world – AP, we say in all modesty.

If AP would only be able to SEE what it actually writes.


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