Clinton: Time is now for Mideast peace

Dear Editor,

Your “Clinton: Time is now for Mideast peace” has all the feel of the usual AP Mideast reporting:

1. Pretending as if the world is not interested in a secure Israel and the Jewish State can only survive in isolation. AP concludes (on the basis of nothing, of course, violating its own code): “There have been growing Israeli warnings that the nation might take military steps to blunt Iran’s nuclear program.” – AP ignores the US, the EU and even Arab solidarity with Israel against a nuclear Iran.

2. Faithfully quoting people that hate Jews and/or Israelis without any statement qualifying such hatred: “the fate of Palestine will be decided in Palestine and through resistance and not in Washington.” – Leaving out his threats to annihilate the Jewish State and his perverse claims that the Holocaust never happened.

3. Moral equivalence to hide Arab/Palestinian violence and Israeli suffering: “hopes for an agreement rest on overcoming significant obstacles and decades of hostility and suspicion.” While non of the parties consist of only saints, the Palestinians have no reason to mistrust as most Israelis want peace with them for decades already.

4. The Israelis are the accused party and unwilling to deliver, the Palestinians have demands and needs and are waiting for more flexibility: “The Palestinians have threatened to walk out of the talks if “ – Leaving out that the biggest stumbling block is the Palestinian unwillingness to give up violence, hatred, especially hatred of Jews. AP ends this “report” with five paragraphs addressing and naming “settlements” as the main concern.

When finally there will be peace, AP will be the first to protest.

While we only want


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