Israelis, Palestinians resume direct talks

Dear Editor,

Your “Israelis, Palestinians resume direct talks” starts off quite neutral, which is refreshing.

However, in paragraph # 5 we see a classic example of Moral Equivalence that is so forged that it looks completely ridiculous: “renewed violence and provocations from Israelis and Palestinians opposed to the goal of an independent Palestine and secure Israel.” We would like to know which “renewed violence & provocations from Israelis” need to be feared & on basis of what precedents? How may anyone compare the cold-blooded planning & execution of the murder of innocent Jews traveling the beautiful Lands, with settlers angrily laying the foundation of a much-needed community center (from today’s news)?

After that AP goes to detail the terrorist attacks, but not describing them as they were, but rather as mere “killing” & “gunmen.” No word (again) about the victims, four Jews, a couple with six young, now orphaned children, the mother nine months pregnant with their seventh child & two hitchhikers. No word on the more than 1000 Israelis likewise murdered in the past ten years and the thousands more that were “merely” wounded, many maimed, scarred & scared for life, & the traumas for their families, friends & communities. Also total silence about the tremendous sacrifices Israeli Jews have brought for the prospect of living in peace and security in their own land – a wish granted to most Peoples in the Twentieth Century after WW II. Not a word about the Israeli Jewish majority for a peace process despite all these losses. Again AP is completely silent about the generations of a hunted down Jews that grow up and live in a war zone, just half a century after the most infamous genocide victimized them.

But this is not enough. For those who know the truth and honor it, AP is hard to read as it floods us with lies, twists and bias.

After this AP – again – starts about “”nearly two decades of failed peace talks.” Failed for whom, we may ask? The Palestinians got their own state in 100 % of Gaza & over 90 % autonomy in the West Bank. Their economy is picking up. Thousands of their murderers were set free, many of them to receive weapons & work in their security or police forces.

Then,most exceptionally, in paragraphs 9 and 10, we get a fair representation of Netanyahu’s position. Too little too late but fair nevertheless. Now, try to bring those quotes as opening statements of a report and you will actually be reporting.

Immediately we are feasted on the next twists. This time it’s not AP’s but Abbas’ turn to deliver some more Moral Equivalence. “We don’t want blood to be shed, neither that of Palestinians nor of Israelis.” Like a German Nazi who after the War would call upon “Jews and Germans” to stop misrepresenting each other.

Abbas wants “tangible signs”- AP makes no mention of all he got already.

Then AP talks of a “building slowdown” while it is a police enforced freeze that’s been very hard on the West Bank Jews.

And then AP returns, paragraph after paragraph, to putting the burden of progress on Israel. It doesn’t fail to label the Israeli side as “Netanyahu’s hawkish coalition.”

We read again the AP mantra that “Direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations broke off nearly two years ago, in December 2008” (the other is “right after the Gaza War”) instead of when Olmert stepped down.

Then on with another round of Moral Equivalence “coaxing the two sides back to the bargaining table” – the only one to be arm-twisted into talking are the Palestinian leaders – not a word about all the gestures made by Israel in the mean time. And “distrust remains after years of violence and deadlock” – no mention of which party has reason to be distrustful & who did the violence.

You should get a Palestinian state medal for “fair & responsible reporting” but they probably don’t want to blow your cover.

[After seven and a half hours AP removed this story from its archives and replaced it by a totally different report: “Hopeful sign: More talks for Israel, Palestinians.”]


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