Hopeful sign: More talks for Israel, Palestinians

Dear Editor,

Your “Hopeful sign: More talks for Israel, Palestinians” is surprisingly neutral, for a change. This makes the two main points of bias stand out more clearly.

First, Mrs. Clinton brings some more moral equivalence and AP faithfully reports without showing how she too uses this trick to hide Palestinian violence.

And then comes Abbas promising “commitments, including a Palestinian pledge to end all incitement of violence against Israelis. That’s not entirely under Abbas’ control,” AP then concludes.

Now, compare that with the following. “The mayor pledged to be more industrious in fighting corruption and crime in the city. However, that’s not entirely under his control.” Is that not a ridiculous conclusion? To bring it under control would be his job.

No, it’s not a conclusion. It the excuse why he would not be responsible for the violence. It’s a variation to the years on end AP mantra that he’s “weak.”

Ask the Hamas members and other opponents tortured in his police stations if they think that the Palestinian President is weak. Don’t just notice their outburst of laughter; time the length of their roars. They might set a world record.


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