Influential Israeli rabbi says Abbas should perish

Dear Editor,

We can’t tell if your “Influential Israeli rabbi says Abbas should perish” is just unwise or also malicious.

The Rabbi in question as constantly monitored by the Israeli loony left because they know that he they can harvest controversial statements by him frequently as he is not going to hold back on saying his opinions on anything.

On the other hand his pronouncements are often distorted and taken out of context:

A. In particular, his authority he doesn’t derive from any blunt political pronouncements but rather from his thorough investigation of Jewish Law. A self-made man, he developed into one of the wold’s leading authorities on Jewish Law, putting the Arab Jewish Tradition and Israeli Jews from Arab descent again on the map.

B. Also the political party he founded is responsible for more ethnic justice and equality in Israeli Society.

C. He was THE ONLY Rabbi from Israel that supported the Oslo Accords – the beginning of the so-called Peace Process. (The rest said: How can you give weapons to terrorists in the hope that they will turn democrats.) He is a strong proponent for Peace. .

D. He has also excellent relations with a great number of non-Jewish leaders, including from Arab countries.

E. Further, as one of the very few rabbis, he has been working on the important issue of a Jewish view on Gentile Prayer.

To look for, focus on and obsess over (supposed) bigoted statements by this senior rabbi seems to us:

1. An important form of Racism as Westerners seem often just too fond to point out backwardness/bigotry in non-Whites.

2. To do injustice to the work and the greatness of this Sage and the dignity of his constituency.

3. Fit AP bias to put any not nice utterance by Israeli Jews under a magnifying glass & hide any similar statement by Arabs.

4. Very different from the countless Muslim preachers who call upon their flocks to murder the Jews (never reported by AP)! Here the call is to God to kill and only when they are enemies of Jews. They escape the curse if they stop trying to murder Jews.


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