Thousands rally for release of Israeli soldier

Dear Editor,

Your “Thousands rally for release of Israeli soldier” is not the worst you have written on the subject, but it still has lots of the bias that we have pointed out to you before:

Missing: That all Israelis want the kidnapped soldier to go free – that the only dispute is about the ransom to be paid by Israeli. You pretend that most Israelis would pay any price – but 7,000 demonstrators is not a majority.

Missing: That the international community refuses to guarantee his unconditional release.

Missing: That the Israeli government has agreed to releasing no less than nine hundred terrorists, among them over a hundred that murdered more than 600 Israelis. Unprecedented as it was, that was not enough for Hamas.

Missing: That Hamas has still not allowed the Red Cross to visit the conscript. Prisoners of War should be allowed such visits, but here we talk about a man held by state-running terrorists that answer to no one since they were democratically elected.

Missing: That the young man is probably booby-trapped – a situation in which he can die any minute – which is a tremendously cruel way of being held captive for over four years.

Missing: That the Blockade of Gaza was a desperate attempt to ensure his release; that Israel has been criticized for this while the culprit, the terrorist junta of Hamas is often portrayed as the true victim and let off the hook albeit a few token statements.

Missing: That he was kidnapped in the line of duty, protecting Jews against terrorist infiltrators.


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