Israeli actors boycott stirs settlement debate

Dear Editor,

The Israel loony left has opened its mouth and AP is right there to report it worldwide.

Though Israel’s neighbors are only democracies in name, they each do have opposition parties, in the country or abroad. How come we so seldom hear from them via AP?

Your “Israeli actors boycott stirs settlement debate” though is not a lazy piece of parroting. No, you add your own myths and slandering to the story so that it gets some meat and juice.

Here is a list of AP distortions, all packed in all of a five sentence report:

  1. “Their refusal has revived a largely dormant debate in Israel over the future of dozens of settlements” – Not true as this town is not one of the disputed settlements.
  2. “The settlements are built on occupied land the Palestinians want for a state.” – All of Israel is build on land that the Palestinians want for a State.
  3. If you mean the West Bank, AP leaves out two points. A. When that area was occupied by Jordan they never claimed a State there.
  4. B. And why would AP automatically undersign the Palestinian stand that Arabs are of course going to live in Israel (no to transfer) but the Palestinian State should be free of Jews (then it’s suddenly OK to transfer populations)?
  5. The prime minister is quoted saying that they “play into the hands of international efforts to delegitimize Israel with economic, cultural and academic boycotts.” A nice excuse for AP once again to evoke the boycott idea. [And this is what he really said: “The State of Israel is under an attack of de-legitimization by elements in the international community. This attack includes attempts to enact economic, academic and cultural boycotts.  The last thing we need at this time is to be under such an attack; I mean this attempt at a boycott from within.  I do not want to deny the right of any person, of any artist, to hold a political opinion.  He or she can express this opinion, but we, as a Government, do not need to fund boycotts.  We do not have to support boycotts directed at Israeli citizens in any manner whatsoever.” – Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat].
  6. 56 artists have signed the petition” – Haaretz counts 53 signatures. The Jerusalem Post has registered 36. Are you at least going to correct the figure?
  7. You left out Culture and Sport Minister Limor Livnat who slammed these dozens actors and creators that have decided to divide Israeli society. This creates a rift in society, and discriminates between audiences on the basis of the political opinions of the artists. Culture is a social bridge, and the political debate must be left outside of cultural and artistic life. We understand that this makes too much sense to publish.
  8. You left out the reaction by Member of Parliament Ahmed Tibi (United Arab List) congratulating the artists for standing at the “front line in the struggle against the inequities, oppression and repression of the occupation. The decision by the theater managements to appear in Ariel is embarrassing, but is consistent with the fascism that has almost become mainstream in Israeli society.” It’s a pity you left it out because it shows so well the ethical level of this opposition.


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