Israel PM wants regular meetings with Palestinians

Dear Editor,

Your “Israel PM wants regular meetings with Palestinians” has Mideast reporting with a twist or two.

  1. You report that “[c]hief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said he hadn’t heard about the proposal but would be open to the idea. ‘We are not against this in principle, it’s just premature to talk about this now,’ Erekat told The Associated Press.”HOWEVER, RESPECTABLE ISRAELI NEWS PAPERS REPORT THE OPPOSITE. “Erekat rejects fortnightly meetings plan” / “Report: Palestinians reject bid for bi-weekly Netanyahu-Abbas meetings” . Where is AP’s correction?? Always failing to report Palestinian obstructions – always portraying Israel as the source of trouble. The difference between the AP and the PA is getting smaller and smaller.
  2. “The last round of Mideast peace talks broke down in late 2008 after Israel launched a three-week military offensive against Islamic militants in the Gaza Strip to stop near-daily rocket attacks on southern Israel. Officials close to the talks said at the time that the sides were close to an agreement.” – A deliberate lie about history. The talks ended after Olmert had to step down and no degree of him bending backwards had resulted in any agreement. We’ve written this dozens of times to AP, put you persist in this lie. We don’t understand why this distortion is so important, though it gives you another chance to blame Israel.
  3. “The resumption of talks comes after months of diplomatic efforts by Washington to coax the sides back to the negotiating table.” – Not true – only one party was arm-twisted back to the negotiations: the Palestinians.
  4. “The Palestinians, however, have been reluctant to return to the negotiating table, fearing that they will be blamed if the talks collapse.” – Here you admit that you know that the Palestinian side was obstructing but you justify it better than Erekat ever did. What nonsense! What does that make AP?
  5. “That has left them hesitant to commit to new negotiations without Israel first agreeing to preconditions, such was a freeze on settlement construction in the West Bank”. – Israel agreed to such a freeze and in 10 months time it accomplished the same thing as leaving Gush Katif, leaving Lebanon, giving the PA autonomy: the opposite of peace. The negotiations only begin now because Obama stopped pressuring the wrong party in the conflict. Truth – AP abhors it with a passion.
  6. “Netanyahu ordered the building freeze in an effort to get talks with the Palestinians back on track.” – Here you admit that you know this too, but you fail to write that this concession resulted in nothing.
  7. “The Palestinians have already announced they will withdraw from peace talks if building is renewed.” – You fail to point out that this is just another hidden precondition since building and uprooting should be part of the negotiations.
  8. “Israel captured the West Bank from Jordan in the 1967 war and began building settlements there soon after.” – This was a re-capturing of the West Bank that Jordan had occupied in Israel’s War of Independence (Arab attempt to kill all the Jews), destroying anything that looked Jewish in East Jerusalem. Their capture of these lands was not acknowledged by more than two other states. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT TRICK BY ANTI-ZIONIST, TO START THEIR RECOUNTING SUCH THAT IT SEEMS AS IF ISRAEL IS THE AGGRESSOR.
  9. “There are more than 100 of them in the West Bank today, territory the Palestinians envision for their future state along with the Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem.”Absolutely not true. The PA doesn’t claim all of it. They know that the big settlement blocks are not obtainable and they know it. They also had no interest in a Palestinian State when Jordan ruled the roost there. So if there will be any Palestinian State, it’s only thanks to Israel!
  10. “The international community at large does not recognize the settlements as legally part of Israel.” – AP, always eager to portray Israel as the abandoned pariah among the nations. And as far as that is true, will never point out the anti-Jewishness of their stand.
  11. “The fate of east Jerusalem, meanwhile, lies at the heart of the settlement dispute. Israel considers all of Jerusalem its eternal capital, while the Palestinians want east Jerusalem as the capital of a future state.” – Left out that the whole world is against divided cities (Berlin is a good example) and dividing barriers. Comes Jerusalem – it needs to be divided. Of course because powerful Jews are a sore in the eyes of many.

AP, you prove daily that there is no future to your work because you distort history.


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