Israeli military confronts new foe: the Internet

Dear Editor,

1. What is a truthful approach to report a wrong in Israel, in the light of the fact that a large portion of the world’s news consumers have been bombarded with anti-Israel news and now dislike Israel no matter what is being written? How to report the truth without giving fuel to the untruth that Israel is the worst country in the world? Several ways:

  • – Bring very prominently the opposition that is inside of the Jewish State.
  • – Truthfully compare the situation to that in other countries.

What did you do in your “Israeli military confronts new foe: the Internet”?

2. You open with a terrible misrepresentation of the Israeli army: “security obsessed Israeli military.” This is so ridiculous. Would you EVER write about a “health obsessed intensive care unit”?

Then you follow in the same sentence with logical nonsense: “a new adversary – trying to control.” The attempt to control is not the adversary here.

And then you introduce the subject 180 degrees the wrong way. Those who would continue reading would discover that the army doesn’t WANT to control what privates post on their blogs.

If you kill the subject so much in the opening clause before most readers continue to read any more details, you slayed your reporting.

3. You continue with other statements misrepresenting the situation.

“in this tech-crazy country.” As if smart kids the world over are not using electronics, computers and cell phones. It is offensive to call Israelis crazy. And untruth.

“circumventing tight military controls.” No soldier in Israel has his or her outgoing (or incoming) mail checked anymore. What does AP mean with “tight military controls”?

“Israel’s high-tech military – known, among other things, for its shadowy electronic-warfare units.” “known for” and “shadowy” are contradictory.

4. Till now, we have discussed four (!) short paragraphs. Four sentences. Look at all these problems in the text mentioned above. This report is NO GOOD at all. We will look at the rest and see if there is anything else that deserves to be mentioned, but it’s rather inconsequential anyway because by now this “coverage” has either lost all readers or totally make them get lost.

5. Only in paragraph 11 we read “drawing tough criticism from the army” while in fact the whole of Israeli society criticized these pictures. Only in paragraph 17 we read “She did, however, say she was sorry if the pictures had hurt anyone’s feelings.” Only in paragraph 23 we read that they army finds that that “such photos were taken to begin with, is a gross violation of our ethical code.”

6. We have to conclude that this report highlights a minor offense as if it’s a war crime while the grossest violations of citizens’ rights happen around the globe. If AP really would like to make a true report about this, it could have brought out the amazing ethical code of the Israeli army & the enormous support there is throughout Israeli society for such sensitivity.


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