EU slams Israel’s verdict on Palestinian activist

Dear Editor,

Your “EU slams Israel’s verdict on Palestinian activist” is as short as it is hateful & untrue.

  1. The EU didn’t slam anyone. One person with a known anti-Israel bias did.
  2. The Israel-hater seems not to be aware that Israel has no kangaroo courts and no lynch law. It doesn’t matter one bit what anyone says, including rich spoiled British (rule the waves) aristocrats, former Leaders of the House of Lords and not even Catherine Margaret Ashton, Baroness Ashton of Upholland herself. Israel has laws, ratified by Parliament and courts enforce them regardless of whom is suspect.
  3. AP leaves out what left-wing newspaper Haaretz reports, that he was convicted of inciting protesters to attack Israeli troops! Constantly, very unsympathetic people get acquitted for lack of proof. If he was convicted there must have been proper proof.
  4. The same paper also prints the whole statement by the Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman that AP hid at the end of the report and only gave truncated. He said: “Israeli law guarantees freedom to protest.” How telling that AP omits this!
  5. “Israel says the barrier is crucial to keep out attackers. Palestinians say it takes their land.” Moral equivalence all over again. Leaving out that Israeli courts have been balancing Israel’s needs for security and Palestinian rights to their lands. And AP always uses this trope to hide Palestinian violence. With an end to Palestinian incitement, hate education, knifers and suicide bombers no separation barrier would be needed. Instead AP portrays Israel as the aggressor!

AP has made journalism look so bad – it should be forbidden to claim to be a news outlet.


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