WikiLeaks seeks online safe haven in Sweden

Dear Editor,

Your “WikiLeaks seeks online safe haven in Sweden” has ONE paragraph that mentions Israel, and with it – again – AP contributes to disinformation about the Jewish State.

It reads:

“Last year, Bildt dismissed demands by Israel for the government to condemn a Swedish newspaper article that claimed Israeli soldiers harvested organs from dead Palestinians.”

By not commenting on the claim you reinforce the false accusation.

We are the first to admit that the issue is a bit complicated, but hey – are you journalists or what? (It was found that the director of the Israeli forensic institute illegally used organs for research from all kinds of bodies that arrived at his morgue, including from Palestinians. The law demands that his happens only with family’s consent. So, while there was some truth to the story, there was no one making money from “harvesting organs” let alone kill anyone for that and not at all any organized injustice. In short, the whole plot can be dismissed as demagogic rubbish in line with and nourished by old anti-Jewish stereotypes.)


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