Palestinians learn about the Holocaust in Israel

Dear Editor,

Your “Palestinians learn about the Holocaust in Israel” covers a lovely subject and reports it lovely.

Only a few points mar the report a little. It quotes half a dozen anti-Zionist opinions without disputing them or questioning the speaker about such beliefs.

We don’t demand perfection. We just point to these issues for improvements in the future. We very much appreciate all that was right in the coverage (98%).

  • “they are paying the price by the loss of their land with the creation of the state of Israel after World War II.” – Since this is a widely held contention, AP should not leave it at mentioning this but have asked if they know that without the Holocaust there would now be 40 million Jews alive (instead of 12 million) and that Israel is the National Home to the Jews, like any People needs a Homeland, and so not connected to WW II?
  • “he compares Jewish suffering in the Holocaust to Palestinian suffering in the West Bank and Gaza.” – Again, AP should have asked about this false equation, as no one plots to exterminate the Palestinian People, Arabs have full democratic rights in Israel and there is no hunger or medical neglect in the entire Holy Land.
  • “that “the Jews had nowhere else to go” after the Holocaust.” – AP should ask: And before WW II, where should they have gone?
  • “He said Palestinians have trouble seeing their enemies as victims to be sympathized with.” – Israelis would never talk about Palestinians as their enemies, except for a fringe group of ultra-right-wingers. Is this really what the boy said?
  • “we do not want to consider Jews as humans because of all the suffering that we go through we cannot believe that human beings can do such a thing.” – Unfortunately we see here an authentic sounding thought distortion, straight from the mouth of the manipulating Palestinian leadership. AP should have asked if all Palestinian suffering can really be blamed on Israel? What about the fact that Israel has shown so much goodwill opposite the Arab citizens but has to defend itself against terror?
  • “Palestinians maintain that Israelis generally have failed to come to grips with their responsibility for the Palestinians’ six decades of dispossession and exile, though a new generation of Israeli historians has challenged their country’s widely held narrative of blamelessness.” If Palestinians would take 10 % of the responsibility that Jews have taken for the others, the conflict would have been solved long ago. If looks so wrong to hold the Jews to “their responsibility for the Palestinians” and not think about 100 years of Arab hostility. Israel is RELATIVELY blameless, like it or not.
  • “Holocaust denial is common even among the 20 percent of Israeli citizens who are Arab and grew up under the Israeli educational curriculum.” – Left out is that their teachers were all Arab and Israel has not been very demanding of them.
  • “I am not giving them legitimacy to come here and make their own country, but I get their point of view” – AP should have asked: Without WW II Jews would not have the right to a Homeland?


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