Israeli PM urges patience on new Palestinian talks

Dear Editor,

No less than five AP writers worked on your “Israeli PM urges patience on new Palestinian talks.” Does it show?

1. The first two paragraph contain a curious word. We’ll summarize:

“The Israeli prime minister said Monday that restarting direct negotiations with the Palestinians would not take years or even months but he showed no sign, however, of backing down from his insistence that there be no preconditions.” – Did you spot the strange term? The word “however” is completely out-of-place. Working without prerequisites GUARANTEES a quick resumption of the talks. Only a seriously twisted mind or perception of reality could see any contradiction here.

2. “The Israeli-Palestinian negotiations broke down in December 2008.” – We’ve emailed you dozens of times that that’s not true & you have written the truth a token two times since then.

3. “The Israeli-Palestinian negotiations – aimed ultimately at establishing a permanent status for the Palestinians.” – No, the Israeli side has also interests in the talks: security, peace. How can you leave this out and sleep at night?

4. “seeking ways to reconcile the two sides’ demands for restarting the talks.” – Your popular construction, “both sides,” always hiding Palestinian / Arab violence & obstruction of peace. Netanyahu had & has no demands to be met before resuming negotiations. You’re hiding that it was the PA that (again) was making trouble, is not a partner for peace.

5. “The visit comes as relations between Israel and Turkey, Greece’s traditional rival, have soured since an Israeli commando raid in May on an international flotilla trying to bust Israel’s blockade of Gaza. Nine Turkish activists were killed” – We have made bold the words that are untrue (six lies). We’ve written about these lies over and over to you. You either don’t read our emails and are ignorant or you’re bent on being dishonest.

6. “held a peaceful demonstration to protest Netanyahu’s visit, they displayed banners reading “Zionist murderer get out,” & “Sever all ties with Israel.””That is “peaceful”?


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