Saudi statesman and poet dies of stomach cancer

Dear Editor,

Your “Saudi statesman and poet dies of stomach cancer” is fraudulent as soon as you discuss the deceased’s record with Jews and Israel. After whitewashing Arafat in the AP obituary, we have been watchful about this, and your tradition just continues.

At the end of the report you put a reference to him having written one poem praising Palestinian suicide bombers – as if that was just an exceptional minor point.

In fact, his anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, pro-violence stand was so extreme that that probably lead to his recall from Britain in 2002. We found a shocking overview of his 2002 lies and hatred in an article in the left-wing but well-respected Haaretz daily: .

Maybe he “was known for his poetry and liberal religious views” but surely he was a bigot. Some people don’t think that that is poetic or liberal. We think that you can’t stifle this.


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